Bringing Yoga off the mat & into your Daily Life

Do you want to bring the peace and calm of your class to your daily life?

The key benefits for me ... Balance, Awareness, Gratitude, Enjoyment of the simplicity of life, The ability to be an observer in your life (when the hsit hits the fan to step aside and see it calmy respond not to spark the wrong reaction), Found an inner calmness and strength that gives you courage in times of challenge.
— Student from Clane


At the end of a yoga class you get to rest in Savasina. During these few precious moments you get to experience inner peace and maybe even a quiet mind.

Would you like more compassion for yourself and those around you?

In the beginning this feeling may be just fleeting. The more you practice the longer this feeling of connection and peace tends to last.

However a few days later, or when faced with a challenge, that inner peace may be a distant memory.

Do you find yourself becoming burned out during the day, week or year?

Bringing your yoga off the mat and into your daily life is about looking at ways that you can use the power of your mind, along with the power of your breath and body, to be able to access your inner wisdom in those difficult times.

Do you ever feel taken for granted or have moments when you just want to opt out?

I think it is often like the poem ‘Footsteps’. When you look back at your moments of stress you wonder why you could not use your yoga tools. However a better question may be what would it have been like if you had not already embodied your yoga.

During this two part class we will investigate how to bring the powerful peace and calm you get in class into all areas of your life. We will be using the ancient hindu text ‘The Bhagavata’ for inspiration. The Bhagavata is the story about a great warrior’s internal struggle and the conversations he has with his charioteer.

Discover the peace and calmness you wish to experience and how to experience it in your daily life.

Laura Wynne from Aruna Yoga Jumping for Joy

Laura Wynne from Aruna Yoga Jumping for Joy

It’s transformational, the quality conversations we had have transformed my thinking, my relationships, my practice and my happiness. I’ve learned so much.
— Mary, Student from the deep dive

What’s involved

Laura uses the stories of the ancient text as a backdrop to look at how we can be a ‘yogi’ in how we treat ourselves and each other in our daily lives. This fun practical two part introduction to how to apply yoga philosophy to our modern lives should give you not only food for thought but also practical skills for living in peace (rather than pieces) in your normal life.

Aruna Yoga Studio - Laura Wynne taking a moment off the treadmill

The benefits you will experience

Just some benefits will be having the practical skills to bring peace and calm into your daily life. Also gaining more compassion in how you treat yourself and those around you. It will be a fun, practical experience with many great benefits.

Dates: Thursday 17th & 24th January 2020

Time: 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm (90 mins)

Cost: €35 (for course)

It really made me think.
— Student from the Deep Dive
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