Detox & Renew

The Perfect January Retreat

Here’s a selection of photos from the day - it was a fabulous day - thank you all!

No matter what your age, no matter what your stage, I’m guessing you could benefit from an opportunity to stop, reflect and receive a little nurturing. Perhaps its finding the inner resource to deal with a difficult situation, or the strength to change habits that no longer serve you, or the courage to leap into something new. Or maybe you just want a day where you are taken care of, after all, you have taken care of all the rest of them for the last year (years & years). Allow yourself this small gift. It will support you you to create a healthy, abundent and balanced year to come.

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Yoga for Detox

Detox your Body

January is clearly a great time to detox the body physically. However we often opted for extreme ‘detox’ programmes in January. The problem with this is firstly it shocks the body, and can put it into ‘starvation mode’, which is particularly severe on the body in winter, and it is too extreme for you to maintain for longer then a few days.

During this retreat discover how to detox in harmony with your body. How to treat yourself gently and how by nurturing and boosting your body you can support it do its job efficiently and effectively. Your body detoxes every day. Using gentle poses and nurturing habits you can increase your metabolism and support all the organs work more efficiently.

Detox your Mind

January is also a wonderful time to Detox and Renew mentally. Taking time away form the hustle and bustle, you can begin to see what is draining your energy or leaving you feeling tired, anxious, rundown or negative. It is difficult to see the ‘wood from the trees’ when you are in the middle of it. Taking a full day out and allowing you unwind allows you look with new eyes.

During this retreat also discover tools and techniques which not only help you identify the energy ‘black holes’ in your life, but also give you techniques to identify what to do about them and the strength to take that action.

Yoga for Renewal

Renew your Body

Your body is constantly renewing itself. That means that the body you are in right now is a combination of what you have eaten, drank, inhaled and how you’ve treated it during the last few years. The magic about that is the body you’ll have in 5 years time will be a result of what you ingest and do during the next 5 years. There is no better time then right now to begin to nurture your body more. Learn how to breath for live, how to move to enhance your live. Discover the benefits of yoga for creating the body you desire, strong, resilient, fluid and pain free.

Renew your Mind

Creating the life you desire begins with your mind. Having learned how to detox it, recognising and releasing that which no longer servers you, the next step is to dream again. To allow your mind rest, heal and then create. Discover how to access stillness and from there creative thinking. You are then free to apply these skills to any or all aspects of your life.


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What to expect

During this day of pampering you arrive at the studio for 10am where you receive a warm welcome and a cool drink. Once everyone is settled we begin with a moving detox yoga class, where you have the opportunity to allow your body and mind detox.

This is followed by a light nutritious lunch. During this time you can chat with the other participants, or retreat to walk or sit in the garden or small wooded area.

Following lunch comes the restorative yoga class. Here we combine meditation, yen and restorative yoga to give your body and mind the nurturing you deserve. The day finishes with an iRest® Meditation.

You are then free to float home and allow yourself an evening of rest, followed by a restorative nights sleep.

Date: 26th January 2019

Time: 10am to 4:30pm

Cost: €95 (includes Welcome Drink and Light Lunch)