Mother’s Day Retreat

The perfect gift for Mother’s day -

Give it to your self, or your mum, or both of you.

30th March 2019

You may or may not be a mother, but one thing is certain - you were a child and you are a Daughter. You have been nurtured and inspired by the generations of women who have gone before us, and it is now your turn to nurture and inspire. We are offering you an opportunity to celebrate being a woman. Celebrate being able to nurture and inspire. And this starts with yourself. As an adult now, you are able to nurture and inspire your inner child. Maybe you would like to share this day with another loved one, or maybe you would like to allow yourself the freedom to focus on yourself. No matter which feels right for you, join us for a fun day to play, to be nurtured and hopefully inspired. Join Laura & Joanne at Aruna Yoga, a wonderful purpose-built yoga studio, where time stands still.

EARLY BIRD - Book before 31st of January - €85 for 1 or €160 for 2

Mother and Daughter - S aundra Lane Galloway

Mother and Daughter - Saundra Lane Galloway

A Mother wraps her 
love around the heart
of her daughter,
keeping each beat steady
through the rhythm of life,
until wings take shape
and it’s time for the soul
to take flight. 
— Christy Ann Martine

Once a year, we intentionally celebrate the woman who made a conscious choice to birth life into this world or chose to take a life under her wings, caring in ways that no one ever has.


Aruna invites all Mothers on a special, intimate day of pampering, at a full-day retreat especially planned for them.

If you are a busy Mother on-the-go at home or at the office, and you are looking for some time of peace and relaxation, take a day to nurture yourself, recharging and reseting your mind, body, and spirit, anew.

For Mothers who are more experienced with the grace of more years and the gift of a second version of themself in a daughter, this would also be the perfect time to spend nurturing your relationship together by inviting her along.

The studio, it is located at the end of a country lane, tucked away from the bustling world, set at the end of a garden, surrounded by farmland and wildlife. Close to the studio, there is a small woodland, which has a path through it and is perfect for walking meditations or to stop and sit among the trees. The garden is home to an abundance of birds and wildlife, which you can enjoy even from the comfort of the studio.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to allow time to stop for just one day; to allow you to "press pause" and come to stillness. Its an opportunity to honour yourself and your mum, and all the generations of women on who’s shoulders we stand.

Come on your own, or with your mother or daughter. We are here to allow you to dream, and to support you to BE.

Aruna Yoga Classes - 7_iRest.jpg


What to expect

During this day of pampering you arrive at the studio for 10am where you receive a warm welcome and a cool drink. Once everyone is settled we begin with a gentle moving nurturing yoga class, where you have the opportunity to allow your body and mind unwind.

This is followed by a light nutritious lunch. During this time you can chat with the other participants, or retreat to walk or sit in the garden or small wooded area.

Following lunch comes the restorative yoga class. Here we combine meditation, yen and restorative yoga to give your body and mind the nurturing you deserve. The day finishes with an iRest® Meditation.

You are then free to float home and allow yourself an evening of rest, followed by a restorative nights sleep.

Date: 30th March 2019

Time: 10am to 4:30pm

Cost: €95 (includes Welcome Drink and Light Lunch)

Bring your Mother, Daughter, Sister or Best Friend: €175 for two

EARLY BIRD - Book before 31st of January - €85 for 1 or €160 for 2