Rise & Shine Summer Retreat

A four-morning journey to making the most of your summer. June 24th - 27th, 2019 | 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Find the peace before the storm. Or in this case before the summer madness. Make sure you have the energy to really enjoy your summer. ☀️ Planning on making time for others over the summer? First take time for yourself. Begin the summer the way you mean to continue. Nurturing yourself; body, mind and spirit. There is something specially motivating about beginning the day with a yummy sun salutation.

Carve out some time out for yourself before the children finish school, and you become full time taxi, personal assistant and banker to your kids or grandkids. If you would like to take your practise deeper this summer, or cannot commit to a full block of classes, find a refreshing alternative in this Summer Retreat.

Who can benefit from this retreat?

Aruna Yoga — Summer Retreat for Mothers

Build up your reserve for the summer, and have a break before taking on all of your kids. Build your energy now so you have a lot to give to your family during the summer.

Aruna Yoga Summer Retreat for Therapists, Caregivers

You care for so many people day in and day out. Pamper yourself for a change. Care for yourself so that you may continue to lovingly care for others.

Aruna Yoga Summer Retreat for Teachers

It's your end of year. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, and nurture yourself at the end of the year. Avoid burnout and recharge after having given all year.

Aruna Yoga Summer Retreat for Beginners

Have time during the day, and looking for a Restorative, Gentle flow to re-balance your energy, and improve flexibility? Find all this and more when you join us.

If you are going to rise,
you might as well shine.
— unknown

Rise & Shine the light that is within you, so that others may catch the beautiful sparkle of your soul.

Aruna Yoga Studio - Rise & Shine Summer Morning Retreat

As the summer arrives, take time to nurture yourself and recharge your batteries without even leaving the country. This 4-morning mini retreat takes place in the magical setting of Aruna Yoga. While only minutes off the beaten track, you feel like you have stepped into an oasis of peace and calm.

The plan for the week:

  • 10:00am— Welcome

  • Beginning each day with gentle, energising movement and flow

  • Then move into a more restorative, still practice

  • Finishing each morning with a very peaceful yoga Nidra

    (which we will record, for you to use during the summer)

  • 1.00pm - Finish

Begin with movement, ether in our beautiful studio, or the garden. Practicing yoga out in the fresh air enlivens all our senses and really allows us reconnect with nature. There will be opportunities for meditation & quietness, and other times for tea and chatting. We then move indoors for a restorative practice, and finish with a total relaxation yoga nidra. By 1:00pm you will be ready to return to the world, refreshed, restored and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Aruna Yoga Studio - Retreat - Summer, Morning

Aruna Yoga Studio - Retreat - Summer, Morning

The benefits you will experience

Just some of the benefits you may achieve include: release of tension from your body and mind, better sleep, more joy in your life, and improved health, well-being, a stronger immune system and better balance in your life.

So, whether your looking for support to cope with a difficult situation in your life, or looking to generally improve your health and resilience, maybe you need a bit of space to re-evaluate and come to personal decisions, or you just want to give yourself a wonderful gift, enter mid-year, or at the end of your academic year, or maybe your just looking to boost your energy before the summer… no matter what your reason for joining us, I guarantee you’ll feel better by the end.

Dates: 24th - 27th of June, 2019

Time: 10am to 1:00PM

Cost: €210