Weekly Class Timetable

I miss the classes when I cannot attend. My back feels it. I notice the discomfort
— Sean, Student at Aruna Yoga from Kilcock
Aruna Yoga Studio Pregnancy Classes, Mondays

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Monday: 7pm - 8pm | 60 mins | €50

Laura McGregar

Pregnancy yoga offers you an opportunity to step out of the busy world, and spend some time with your self and your baby. Discover how to nurture yourself, your baby and others dependent on you at this precious time in your life, and meet other women who are at a similar stage of life. Learn More >>>

Aruna Yoga Studio - Classes - Mondays Yoga for Better Backs

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Monday: 8:30 - 10pm | 90 mins | €70

Laura Wynne & Mary Farrelly

Do you suffer from stress or tension and hold it in your shoulders, or develop a weak lower back when over do it? Maybe you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, headaches or other related issues? Are you developing bad posture or a rounded back? Do you take pain medication or have to take bed rest for back related problems? Maybe you’ve been told you have a lack of core strength ? If you answered yes to any of these questions this is the class for you.

During this class we explore the body from head to toe, learning about how small changes can have big effects. Learning tools to manage stress and tension. Developing body awareness, flexibility and strength. With two teachers and a small class numbers, there is lots of opportunity to get the support you need.


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Tuesday: 9:20am - 10:20am | 60 min | €50

Laura Wynne

Are you looking for a way to develop your strength and flexibility, while also achieving a little moment of peace and calm in your life? But maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spare?

Perhaps you have heard how good yoga is and would like to try it, but you think you’d be bored, or that there is no challenge in it.

If so, this class may be for you!

During this class you will learn a strong yoga sequence which will support you to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Your immune system will be strengthened and your nervous system brought into balance.

Core Yoga Class

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Tuesday: 6:00pm - 7:00pm | 60 min | €50

Laura Wynne

Heading home from work? Would you like to unwind after your day, or to have more energy to enjoy the longer summer evenings in the evenings?

Would you like a strong body and more peaceful mind?

Carve just one hour out of your day to regain your energy, develop your strength, flexibility and resilience.

During this class you will learn a strong yoga sequence which will support you to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Your immune system will be strengthened and your nervous system brought into balance. This class will support you to regain your balance, physically and mentally.

Aruna Beginner's Yoga Class with Teacher Joanna Bredin

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Tuesday: 8pm - 9:30pm | 90 min | €70

Joanne Bredin

Discover how yoga can help you with: Stress management and sleep difficulties, back pain and posture problems, stiffness, arthritis, and other muscular-skeletal challenges. Working with breath and movement, yoga supports your respiration, circulation, immune and nervous systems.

Aruna Hatha Yoga Class with Teacher Laura Wynne

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Wednesday: 10am - 11:30am | 90 mins | €70

Wednesday: 8pm - 9:30pm | 90 mins | €70

Laura Wynne

If you are looking to develop strength and flexibility while taking time out from your busy life then this is the class for you. Each week you are guided through a series of gentle, yet strong and occasionally challenging movements which support your body, mind, and spirit.

Aruna Yoga Studio - yoga classes - Kids.png

Join Now | 5 weeks

Wednesday: 4:30pm - 5:15pm | 45 mins | €40

Laura McGregar

Share the Joy of Yoga with your children. Yoga supports physical, mental and emotional development. Children learn tools and techniques to support themselves in difficult situations through play and story.

Places are limited, so booking is essential.

Aruna Yoga iRest Meditation Class with Teacher Laura Wynne

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Thursday: 7pm - 8pm | 60 mins | €35

Laura Wynne

iRest meditation is a wonderful and powerful form of Yoga Nidra that offers relaxation in the midst of the busy-ness of modern day living. Carve out time to pause from life's challenges, and find your inner peace, then return refreshed - ready to take on another day. Also learn tools useful for calming anxiety or negative emotions, and meditations to support sleep and relaxation.

Aruna Core Yoga Class with Teacher Joanne Bredin

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Thursday: 8:30pm - 10pm | 90 mins | €70

Joanne Bredin

If you have been practicing yoga for more the a year, and want to further develop your strength and balance, then maybe this is the class for you. Core Strength and balance affect all aspects of our physical health and wellbeing. The class begins with somatic movements which helps prevent injury, developing into strength building poses ideal for getting into condition for summer and supporting your training program. Develop more strength for your core by taking part in this weekly yoga class.

Aruna Restorative Yoga Class with Teacher Laura Wynne

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Friday: 7:30pm - 9pm | 90 mins | €70

Laura Wynne & Florence O’Donnell

You work hard, your body works even harder. Why not take this time out to allow yourself and your body a chance to unwind, relax, and renew? This workshop is predominantly done on the floor, in passive poses, so no prior knowledge or experience is required