Preparing for your first yoga class

Have you been thinking of going to yoga, but are not sure if the practise is for you? Or perhaps you have already taken the leap to book a class, and you are a bit nervous for your first day. Fret no more. Here are a few things that should help you prepare for your first class at Aruna Yoga.


Internet and social media have done a great injustice to portray yoga as a practise that is only meant for thin yogis, who are super flexible, and wear strappy, tight clothing. At Aruna - yoga is for everyone, no matter what age, shape, size or special need.

What is important is that you feel comfortable with how you choose to dress. You would not want to be restricted in movement, especially around the waist. Also avoid anything too loose, so your attention is focused in class, and not in trying to keep your clothes in place. Men have the option to wear stretchable shorts, or loose, non-slippy tracksuit bottoms.

The studio is a shoe-free zone, so we will be asking you to remove your shoes before entering the yoga studio. We sometimes put our hands on the floor, and lie on our mats - it is important that we maintain hygiene for everyone. During practise, it is preferable to be in bare feet. There are sticky yoga socks you can buy if you don't like to be barefoot.

If you are still unsure about what you plan to wear, why not try a few poses along with my free Sun Salutation podcast?


Of course, you must not forget to bring a non-slip yoga mat that can be purchased at the studio or in most good sports shops. I would highly encourage you to invest in your own, not just for hygiene purposes, but also because it's nice to have your own mat. It's the beginning of having your own space, and maybe even practicing at home during the week.

We have spare mats to borrow, especially to use under your own mat. For hygienic purposes, we have an antiseptic spray (of lavender and tea-tree) which I would ask you to use to clean borrowed studio mats at the end of class.

You may also want to bring water, or a healthy fruit juice for hydration after class.

In addition, something I encourage you not to bring is your mobile phone. Maybe you could leave them in your car. If you must bring them, please make sure that they are completely turned off and left in the cloakroom.

Our classes are 90 minutes at most. How about carving out this time for yourself for total focus during practise. The world can wait for 90 minutes.


Refrain from eating 1-2 hours before practise or have a light snack as yoga is best practised on an empty stomach. Do note that it is not advised you starve yourself.

Some of our classes would require more strength than others, and it is helpful for these classes that you prepare throughout the week by eating a healthy, balanced diet.


Remember that yoga is not like a typical exercise routine, nor is it a competitive sport. We encourage you to leave behind your ego and any sort of comparison towards others.

Your first time for yoga will be memorable. Several of our instructors were also apprehensive during their first time, but it has changed their lives, and now they too teach the practise.

A wonderful approach to yoga is coming like it is always your first time. Be open to change and be kind to your body, mind, and soul. The practise is for you after all.

If you have any more questions, you may always reach out to me, and I would be happy to have a chat. Otherwise, why not take the leap and book a class at Aruna Yoga? A restorative experience is waiting on the other side. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Laura Wynne