Things you need to know before your first visit to our studio:

Class preparation

Refrain from eating 1 to 2 hours before practice or eat very light as yoga is best practised on an empty stomach. Please arrive at least five minutes before class to give yourself time to settle on your mat. We ask kindly that shoes are removed before entering the yoga studio. During yoga practice, students may place their hands on the floor and lie on their mats, so we keep the studio a shoe-free zone to maintain hygiene for everyone.

If you have to bring your phone, please make sure that it is turned off completely as not to disturb other students during the class. If you have to leave a class early, tell your teacher and leave quietly before the closing relaxation.

Make sure your teacher is aware of any pre-existing condition or injury that might affect your yoga practice. Honor your body and practice within your body’s limitations.

What to wear and bring to class

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict you around the waist. Yoga is best practice in bare feet. Bring a non-slip yoga mat that can be purchased in most good sports shops or at the studio. We have few spare mats to borrow. Although many students prefer their own yoga mat for hygiene purposes. You might also like to bring water for after class.


We have plenty of parking at the studio. We operate a one-way system. This means that when you arrive, you should park as far up the drive-way as you can. This ensures that there will be space for people who arrive after you. Don’t worry, you do not need to reverse to get out, when class is finished, you simply drive in the same direction and you exit through a second gate. Simple! Please take advantage of the space and park on both sides of the driveway.

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