Aruna Yoga

Offering Weekly Classes, Weekend Workshops and Full Day Retreats

Would you like a stronger, flexible, pain free body?

Would you like better quality sleep and more energy?

Would you like less stress and more focus in your life?

Beginner or Experienced - Fit or Not, Frazzled ‘Multitasker’ or Groovy Granny - We have a class that suits you

Find an Aruna Yoga class that is just right for your timetable. Our purpose-built studio, in a beautiful rural setting, is easily found just minutes from Clane, Maynooth, Kilcock, Donadea, Prosperous, Straffan, Sallins.


I wasn’t into yoga until I came to this class and now I’m a fan. My core is strengthening and my back is getting better.
— Margret, Aruna Yoga Student from Clane

Weekly Classes

Yoga supports you to develop strength & flexibility within your body, along with peace & focus within your mind. Each class is designed to counterbalance the daily physical, mental and emotional stresses and strains of modern life. Taking a regular weekly class does for your body and mind what daily brushing does for your teeth, keeps them healthy and ‘well grounded’.


Your Special Event

Are you are celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or event? Maybe you’d like to say Thank You to some close friends ….

What better way than to have your own private, custom made yoga class.

Where better to celebrate or take time out then at Aruna. This fantastic rural setting offers a uniques opportunity for you to step out of the busy world.

At Aruna Yoga Studio, we have a fun selection of classes, workshops, or retreats available you to customise to your group’s specific needs or preferences.

Weekend Workshops

Do you have some time on the weekend? Maybe you want to try something new or go deeper into some aspect of yoga or maybe you just can’t make a regular weekly class. We run regular Restorative workshops, which are like mini Retreats. There are workshops where we explore a topic in more depth or focus on particular areas of health and wellness.


Benefits for me? ... A small amount of calm in my life & tools to hold on to calmness in other situations. Also building flexibility & mobility & monitoring these as I get older.
— Mary, Student at Aruna from Maynooth


Retreats at the studio allow you to take a step off the treadmill for a full day to rest, restore, and revive. Allow yourself be pampered, while rediscovering the simple joys of life. Rejuvenation and relaxing techniques are taught by qualified practitioners.


Are you new to yoga and nervous about joining a class? Maybe you want to deepen your practice, or go deeper into a specific area. Maybe you are considering a private class for a group of your family or friends. A One-to-One or private group class is a wonderful way to explore yoga at your pace and allowing you focus on what you most need in the moment.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is suitable for anyone who may have physical or mental health risks or living with chronic conditions. It is also beneficial for individuals recovering form injury or surgery. A Personalised practice is developed to maximise health and healing.

I am more calm especially on Wednesday. Stronger back. Proud of myself for doing positions I never thought I could do in class too!
— Elizabeth, Aruna Yoga Student from Naas


Blogs, podcasts & more …

Check out our Blogs: Have a look at what’s been going on during the year. Or try a Podcast: We have a Slow Sun Salutation podcast to help you begin your day, or a Breath Practice ideal to end your day with.


Our Teachers

Not all yoga classes are the same, and not all yoga teachers are the same. We have a wonderful team of Passionate, Highly Qualified Teachers who are Continuously Developing and Learning so they can bring their passion and knowledge to you. Between us we have close to a century of practice and over 2,000 hours of training.

We’re really close ...

We have a purpose-built studio, with magnificent views, overlooking beautiful farmland. Just minutes from Clane, Maynooth or Kilcock and close to Donadea, Prosperous and Straffan; we have students also coming from Sallins, Lucan and Leixlip.

The classes are fun. The teacher is flexible - in the way she works with each of us - in how we get into poses - and show us what is possible
— Deirdre, Aruna Yoga Student from Clane

Our Philosophy


The Dream

Living a healthy, balanced, abundant life and supporting others do the same is my Darma, or my greatest wish. Yoga is the ideal tool to use to achieve this because it works on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. So regardless of what brings a person to yoga, they benefit on all levels.

The Yoga

For me yoga should meet you where you are. Regardless of your mental or physical state, if you can breathe you can do yoga. The class should support you reconnect to yourself, so YOU can sense how you are and what you need. You should then be supported to develop tools and techniques to support you and give your body and mind what it requires to feel better and build strength and resilience.

The type of Yoga practiced in the studio is generally Alignment Based, Hatha Yoga. Classes vary in focus, ranging from Energising or Core through to Restorative and meditation. However in all classes, poses and sequences are offered in a graduated manor to allow everyone find the level that suits them on that particular day. Each student is encouraged to make adjustments and to use props to ensure a safe and deep practice.

The Space

Having the privilege of being the caretaker for this beautiful spot in North Kildare, what could be better then to share it by building a studio, where anyone can come and practise yoga, and experience stillness. Located just off the beaten track, yet very close to Maynooth, Clane and Kilcock, (and not too far from Lucan, Leixlip or Sallins) makes it an ideal location.

The Studio was built with love. Other projects in my life have been achieved with will-power, but this one was love. My Dad humoured me and my crazy dream, he and Mark, a wonderful tradesman, worked tirelessly to create a special space. They both learned a lot about yoga in the process! If you want to know more, see ‘Our Studio’ in About Us.

The Teachers

Then came the teachers. For me yoga should firstly be safe, then beneficial and fun. The teachers should be passionate and Inspirational. Well here another dream comes true every day. Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting many inspirational women and am delighted to have a number of them come to teach here. They are gentle, kind and passionate. They are well trained and continue to develop their skills, learning more each year so they can bring that deeper knowledge back to their students. If you want to know more about them see the ‘Teachers Page’ in About Us.

The Students

And so to you. I am constantly “blown away” by the strength, bravery, determination, resilience & kindness of the men, women, boys and girls who come here to practice yoga. Each one of you bring some gift to the class, the teacher and the studio. I am continuously learning and being inspired by you. Thank you for choosing to practise with us. I look forward to your growth and development in the years to come.

I always knew one day I’d be a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga and mentoring yoga teachers is my passion.

This is my Dream Come True - Join us to Make Your Dream Come True

Enthusiastic, focusing, meditating, full of information and fun. The teacher is Brilliant. Fantastic ideas. Very giving & informative
— Niamh, Aruna Yoga student from Leixlip