with Laura Wynne

By Appointment (Generally Wednesday Evenings or Thursday Mornings)

COST €95 for 1 Session or €295 for 4 Sessions

There are many reasons why you may choose to book a One-to-One session. You may be new to yoga and want to get a taste for it, or learn some of the poses before joining a public class. You may have some physical limitations, or medical conditions which you want to learn how to work with in a class, and benefit from taking some private time to investigate what adjustments suite you. There may be a specific area or pose you would like additional support with. You may want support to develop your own personal practice. Or maybe you would just like to practice in private.

Traditionally yoga was always thought One-to-One. This way the teacher can adjust the poses and the flow to suite the exact needs of the student there and then. It is a real luxury to be able to take the time to explore your practice under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher.

Aruna Yoga One-to-One Yoga
It gave me a lot more food for thought and transformative moments that i had expected. It also helped me discover my natural strengths and weaknesses and accept them and work with them. Thank You.
— Flo, Maynooth

One-to-One classes are exactly what you would expect. You get to practice yoga, with the support and advice and guidance of an experienced teacher. What aspect of yoga you chose to practice is up to you. It may be Breath Work (Pranamya), it may be a Physical Practice (Asana). You may want to focus on Meditation, or iRest (Yoga Nidra). There is even the opportunity to focus on the Philosophy and investigate how you can integrate the Yamas and Niyamas into your life. If you have no idea what that last paragraph said … your in the right place. Just come and explore all that yoga has to offer.

The main benefits? a s,all amount of Calm in my life and the tools to hold on to calmness in other situations. Building up flexibility and mobility and maintain them as I get older.
— Paul, Straffan
Laura Wynne One-to-One Yoga Session

Having over 30 years of experience practicing yoga and meditation I have learn lots about what works and more importantly, what does not work. I have also lots of experience consciously exploring philosophy, and how to make it practical and useful. My goal is to make yoga accessible and useful. Some very simple things can make a big difference to the quality of your life. So why not start now.