Podcasts with Laura Wynne

Podcasts to use with your personal practice at home

Aruna Yoga Meditation Classes are Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:00PM, at Aruna Yoga Studio, Rathcoffey, Co. Kildare.


Loving Kindness Meditation with Laura Wynne

Need some loving kindness in your life? Explore how meditation for this can change your life. Enjoy. And love on someone today.


Abdominal Breathing with Laura Wynne

The abdominal breath is the foundation of all yoga, in fact of life. It is the first thing I teach, and central to most therapeutic yoga. It's simple but powerful. You are increasing your oxygen levels throughout your body, including to your brain. You are turning on your parasympathetic nervous system, so inducing relaxation and changing the hormone balance in your body, allowing it to heal and repair. If you are only to pick one practice ... this would be it.


Gentle Sun Salutation with Laura Wynne

The Sun Salutation Sequence is probably one of the best known and most commonly used yoga sequence. This slow simple version, gently builds up to the full sequence. It is perfect for an early morning stretch, or as the start to a home practice. Have fun with it.