Yoga for the People of Maynooth

Strong Body, Peaceful Mind

January 2019

If you would like to participate in your own personal operation transformation why not give yoga a try.

Could you benefit from:

more energy

feeling good about yourself

some peace and quiet in your life

developing your core and strength

more movement and flexibility

more balance in your life

feeling better and have some fun

If Yes - why not give yoga a go? It’s not just for the under-30 “gymnast”.

It could be for you.

There are classes, weekend workshops and full-day retreats to suit all goals, body types, and most schedules.

You’ll find us just minutes from Maynooth, follow the Rathcoffey Road

Highlight of my Week!!!
— Laura, Student at Aruna Yoga from Maynooth

Weekly Classes

A weekly class is the ideal way to integrate yoga into your life. There are classes straight after work, in the morning or later in the evening. Being just outside Maynooth, its easy to get to, with lots of parking. Check out the schedule to fine one to suite you. May the transformation begin.


Weekend Workshops

If your not able to comment to a weekly class, week end workshops are an ideal way to learn new skills and integrate them into your life. As a total beginner or experienced yogi, this peaceful studio on the outskirts of Maynooth has lots to offer. There are different workshops most weekends. Find one that suits you.


Detox & Renew - Full Day Retreat

This level of commitment is not for everyone. Only a special few can manage to take a full day to care for themselves. However the benefits for those who can are breathtaking. To allow yourself a full day to detox and renew. After the excess of the holiday, this is the perfect way to improve your digestion and increase your metabolism. The idyllic setting of the studio, overlooking Clongows Farm, minutes from Maynooth offers the perfect location for this day of personal pampering.


Yoga for everyone, especially beginners like me. It’s very relaxing, friendly, and escape from it all. Excellent for my dodgy back.
— Fiona, Student at Aruna Yoga from Clane

The time for you to transform your life is Now, Why not have some fun doing it.

Join us for Operation Transformation this January.