Conscious Care Gift Ideas for this Christmas

There is no denying - it is finally the Christmas season. 

And it is during this time - let's admit it - that it can be so easy to get lost in the consumerism of the occasion and miss the point of what it is all for... telling people that we care for them. It can be so easy to get lost in the consumerism that this season brings that the point of showing care, may sometimes fall into the shadow. 

Connecting with the heart of Christmas, I've put together some gift ideas that have helped me remember what Christmas is all about. We are nurturing ourselves and others. Part of giving is also being able to receive. So, I encourage you to stay conscious. Let's not fall into the trap of consumerism, and in the same way not be aggressively opposed to the joy that gift-giving and receiving brings.

Instead, play consciously in this space and find your personal balance. Give not just towards others, but also from a place that matters, like small, local, eco-friendly and ethical businesses that you may find around town. Here are some of my suggestions, and a few wonderful suggestions from my students!

The Gift of Refreshment

I've been sharing about this fab soap shop, Baressential, in my past few newsletters, because I so love how they have taken inspiration from nature for your personal care, without causing damage to our environment. On their website they share, "From sourcing ethically and sustainably grown raw ingredients, using only biodegradable packaging, to minimising the energy used in production as well as minimising any waste produced, we try to make our footprint on the planet a light one."

It's important to consider (and hopefully pursue!) treading lightly as they have for your purchases this season. After everything Mother Earth has sacrificed to give us, let's be loving in return to her.

The Gift of Deliciousness

Indulge knowing that what you are munching has been sourced and produced without depleting our beautiful environment.

Beetroot Health Foodis a wonderful shop where you may dine or purchase fresh, nutritious, organic plant based ingredients, every day. Their aim is to create delicious, and healthy, plant based fare using organic freshly sourced produce. Each bite will leave you wondering how ordinary greens could taste so flavourful and fresh!

A skip and a hop away from Beetroot is one of my favourite place to have a cuppa coffee, L’Art du Chocolat. Their wonderfully brewed coffee and handmade Valrhona Chocolates are available to purchase in compostable packaging. The best part is that for those who are always on the go as I am, L'Art du Chocolat has compostable cups available should you wish to have your drink for take-away, as well as a variety of other items they kindly remind you to include in your food waste.

I love taking some of my best lads to these shoppes to experience taste at its most scrumptious; knowing that while each treat or dish is delicious and nutritious, it is also sourced and prepared with respect.

The Gift of Wellness

At Aruna, you will often hear me share that our practise is not meant for only the physical, but the benefits of yoga can be for our entire well-being. And I am so excited to share that there are other wellness providers who promote the same of their services.

My dear friend, Sarah Breslin, offers a wide variety of holistic massage therapies specifically in the area of Colon Hydrotherapy. Why not book a massage for your loved one and give them what may be much needed time for relaxation or a revitalising experience?

On the other hand, you may want to encourage wellness through active movement for who you will be gifting. Streamline Swim School with Nicola Egan, has engaging classes in an excellent facility. Perfect for your child, or maybe niece or nephew, who has expressed that they would like to learn a sport, activity, or basically how to swim. Perfect as well for those older as they have recently launched their adult swimming lessons.

More unconventional gifts for sure, but I, for one, am willing and excited to try new things!

The Gift of Support

This is something that everyone would like to have - support!

You may have a friend that has wanted to start doing yoga for some time now, but does not have the proper tools to begin. Show your care by investing in them or perhaps surprising them with their very own yoga mat and block set. Now being sold at a special price when bought as a package from our studio shop.

A wonderful gift that we have also promised would be available are our NEW Yoga Vouchers for workshops, full-day retreats, and courses. For some of my students and even teachers, I know that yoga has left impact and change in their lives. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could offer someone the same opportunity to experience the benefits you have been experiencing?

The Gift of Time

Finally, my favourite to suggest is that we gift our loved ones with the one thing that we find slipping by often too fast. Time.

For each gift idea that has been shared, I encourage you to create an unforgettable and personal experience by accompanying your loved one and not just finding time, but making time to spend with them.

Before the end of this year and in the beginning of the next, Aruna will be having a few workshops and special events full of pampering and time for self-reflection, that are even more enjoyable when done with a friend, such as:

  • 8th December - Restorative Yoga Workshop with Laure Wynne

  • 17th December - Charity Class for Vincent du Paul with Mary Farrelly

  • 26th January - Full-Day Retreat with Laura Wynne and Joanne Bredin

  • 16th February - Yoga And Semantics Workshop with Joanne Bredin

Come for an afternoon or a day, and enjoy your time together in taking things slowly and clearing your minds for a few hours to focus on your well-being. Then grab a snack to share after practise is over.

No matter what it is that you choose... a quote used often comes to mind... “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” May we treat each day as a special gift to us: A new day, to change, to grow, to stop a bad habit, or to become better at something or start something that we have been putting off for quite some time now.

I hope that these simple suggestions speak to you to remember the reason for the season. Be creative in your giving! But always give from the heart. :)


Other events of interest

The annual Christmas markets and craft fairs at Castletown House, are the perfect place to shop and meet family and friends. This year's Castletown Christmas Market will be on the 3rd of December, 11am – 5pm. You may also wish to drop in on the fair, Gifted: The Contemporary Craft & Design Fair, featuring The Spectacular Christmas Food Emporium. Opening in the RDS on Wednesday, 5th of December, there will be a special 10% discount on all purchases at the Fair. 


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