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Greeting a Life-giving Light: A Brief History & Benefits of the Sun Salutation

One of our most practised asana sequences among all yoga flows, is what we commonly know as the Sun Salutation. But have you ever wondered why we actually call it that?

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Sleep Like a Baby with Yoga

I could write a million blogs on the benefits that yoga brings, but this particular benefit happens to be one of my favourites. If you have difficulty getting to sleep at night… if you find yourself constantly waking at odd hours, or are tired and fatigued in the morning even after a full night’s rest… Here are a number of poses I encourage you to try right before turning in.

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Can Yoga Therapy really help me?

“All suffering is similar. Whether we’re suffering from relationship trauma or low-back pain it wears on our consciousness in a similar way.” - Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine

Through the years, more and more medical practitioners and wellness experts are recommending Yoga as therapy for all sorts of ailments - physical, and even emotional. But how can Yoga therapy really help you overcome these? And what is the difference between Yoga Therapy and “normal” Yoga?

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