5 Ideas to Prepare for Summer & Improve Your Well-being

Ah, Summer — possibly my most favourite season. I am very much looking forward to many things that will be happening for my family and at the studio in the weeks to come, so I’ve put together this blog of some of my favourite ideas for enjoying and preparing for the summer. I would also love to hear from you. What do you love the most about summer?

1. Head outside to explore.

Improve body circulation and enjoy unforced movement by having an adventure. With warmer temperatures, what better time to be outdoors than during summer? Plan a trip to the Woodlands with a loved one or with friends. Take a camera and document the time that you have with each other, and the beautiful things that you see. Here are some photos that I had taken with dear friends in a recent trip to explore.


2. Have special lunch with a friend.

In a blog that I had written for last Christmas, I shared about some of my favourite places to enjoy a treat. Set aside a day to spend with a friend. Maybe book a yoga workshop one Saturday morning, and enjoy the deliciousness of a rejuvenating practise followed by a scrumptious lunch near the area. Alternatively, have a light lunch first, and work up another appetite by coming to an afternoon workshop together.

No matter what you decide on together, do not let this be a “normal” afternoon for you both. Try a new place to dine, and if you’ve tried all, maybe order a new dish, and my favourite… ask each other questions that will grow your relationship. Here are some interesting conversation cards that you may draw inspiration from.

3. Spend a day with the kids… without screens.

Much easier said than done! Now that summer is just around the corner, you have enough time to plan activities to do with your children. In a generation where screens have become something that we cannot live without, try to take an afternoon… or if you are daring… a day without screens, where you can spend time strengthening your relationship. If your children are already in their teens years or older, you may consider booking a special one-to-one class at Aruna Yoga Studio and invite them along to experience a more private and in-depth yoga practise with you.

4. Learn a new recipe.

Before all your kids or grandkids are home or visiting on vacation, and raiding the pantry for every last bit of food there is (😅),  add something yummy AND healthy to your weekly meal planning options for the summer. From mince pies, to healthy cookies, and quick to prepare stir fries… Here is a lovely wellness website with easy to follow recipes that your entire family and loved ones may enjoy.

5. Enrol in a class or workshop.

Our Summer block begins in only a few more days. Take this chance to care for yourself before the busyness of summer sweeps through your schedule. We are continuing all your favourite classes and are re-opening our special iRest Meditation therapy class. What better way to prepare for the summer than to really carve out time and make sure that you are sowing into yourself, for more growth and giving towards others.

Find below our Class Timetable and a series of Workshops for this May, and I hope to see you on the mat, at Aruna Yoga.

Aruna Yoga Studio_Class Timetable - Summer Block
Aruna Yoga Studio_Workshops - May Summer