Summer Festivities for the Young and Young at Heart

Summer is finally here! For me this usually means becoming a full time taxi, personal assistant, and banker to my beautiful kids. Could anyone else in this space, relate?

All jokes aside, as I mentioned on a previous blog, summer is one of my most favourite seasons. It’s a beautiful time to get out and to enjoy nature. During this time, I love taking my personal practise outside. It’s also a wonderful time that I get to spend with my loved ones. I am not getting younger, neither are my kids. Soon they’ll be off running their own schedules and spending time with their own families, and so I cherish the time that I get to be a hands-on mum.

This season always reminds me of what it means to be child again, like I am somehow transported back into time — back into camps, horse rides, picnics, and adventures, and no school! Ah, good times. Then I thought...  why not go back in time, or rather bring back those times of joy, and the thrill of summer.

So, I decided to make summer exciting, and it has turned out to be something very special for me because of several things that will be happening in and out of our studio. Without further ado, here are some summer festivities we can all celebrate in for the coming days:

Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

On July 12th - 14th in Dublin's Merrion Square, take part in the biggest programme of events for all ages at this year's Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular. This summer's festival integrates the old and the new, with festival favourites that everyone knows and loves, and a new mix of exciting programming to elevate Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular to a whole new level.

Expect mad science, magic, comedy, acrobatics, and world class performances from an array of artisans. The best part is that entrance is 100% free, all you have to do is show up with your loved ones, or even just with yourself (count it as a day of self-exploration and appreciation) for a spectacular day of fun.

The Festival of Curiosity

Designated as the official legacy project of Dublin City being the European Capital of Science in 2012, the inaugural Festival of Curiosity began in 2013 and is Dublin’s annual international festival of science, arts, design & technology. From Playful Days (family programme) to Curious Nights (adult programme) enjoy unique, visual and interactive cultural experiences in Dublin that merge cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive & curious ways.

The Festival will be from July 18th – 21st, 2019, and will be a creative way to expose your children to different fields of study. It’s also a creative date idea, if you plan on taking someone special in the evening for the adult programme. This event has definitely peaked my curiosity, and rightly so! If you’re looking for lots of learning, this is the place to be.

International Yoga Day, Flow For a Cause: Crumlin’s Children Hospital

On June 21st, the world will be celebrating the practise that we love so much. Aruna Yoga Studio is joining the party with a Mid-Summer Sun Salutation garden gathering and charity event, beginning at 7:30PM. Open for those who have joined a class this past year (starting September 2018) as well as anyone else who would like to Flow For a Cause.

We are taking our yoga outdoors to enjoy good weather and good company. I will be leading a practise of 108 Sun Salutations, and you are free to jump in and out at any time, or just hang around to socialise with others, and talk about life. You are also most welcome to bring food and enjoy a garden picnic, if you choose not to join our evening flow. We will also be running this event for a charity, and I encourage you all to bring generous donations for the Children’s Hospital. More details will be sent to those who RSVP for this event.

Rise & Shine Summer Retreat

Finally, if you are like me, and are already wondering how you will survive your calendar of events for the summer, or if you are on a break from work in the season, I invite you to come along for our mini-retreat this June 24th - 27th, 2019. This retreat is especially for the following:

Aruna Yoga Studio Summer Retreat for Beginners, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Re-Energise and Improve Flexibility

MOTHERS; Build up your reserve for the summer, and have a break before taking on all of your kids. Build your energy now so you have a lot to give to your family during the summer.

JPEG image-A7A142678D0E-3.jpgAruna Yoga Studio Summer Retreat for Beginners, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Re-Energise and Improve Flexibility

TEACHERS; It's your end of year. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, and nurture yourself at the end of the year. Avoid burnout and recharge after having given all year.

Aruna Yoga Studio Summer Retreat for Beginners, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Re-Energise and Improve Flexibility

BEGINNERS; Have time during the day, and looking for a Restorative, Gentle flow to re-balance your energy, and improve flexibility? Find all this and more when you join us.

Wow! That was a mouthful of sharing on my part. I hope that these summer activities bring refreshment and new vigour to your life for this year. I am personally very excited for all these festivities, I only hope that you could come along to join me.

Make your summer be exciting. Make everyday be an adventure. It can be a challenge, but it is so worth it. Namaste.